Six types of skin disorders

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Some skin disorders are hereditary, some are caused by viruses and others can be caused by environmental influences like ultraviolet light exposure, moist and heat. Most skin disorders are categorized into six types of skin disorders. You can take a course on first aid training to properly manage these skin disorders.

  1. Inflammatory types of skin disorders are common in people of all ages and races. There is inflammation and irritation of the skin and cause discomfort to the affected individual.
  • Acne – a bacteria-infected condition and lesions are filled with pus and clogs hair follicles and causing it to erupt.
  • Dermatitis and eczema – these are rashes that itch, swell and blisters
  • Psoriasis – characterized by red, inflammatory plaques that are covered by white scales. It develops after streptococcal infections. Sometimes the lesions appear small and pink in color.
  • Sebaceous cysts – there is swelling over the skin. These cysts are not painful, but when infected, become very painful.
  • Diaper rash – reddish discoloration on the baby’s bottoms.
Skin disorders
Most viral disorders of the skin are accompanied by fever, headache and nausea.
  1. Viral types of skin disorders are chicken pox, herpes, measles, cold sores and some small warts. Viral skin disorder can be passed to other people through skin contact by an individual to an infected person. Most viral disorders of the skin are accompanied by fever, headache and nausea. These conditions will just heal without treatment. The symptoms of viral disorders can be treated, but there are no actual cures for them, so we have to be cautious when infected with viral disorders to prevent transmission to other people.
  2. Bacterial types of skin disorders can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. These skin disorders caused by bacteria are scarlet fever, boils and cellulitis. These conditions have symptoms of common cold like cough, sneezing, malaise and fever. They can be treated with antibiotics but some can heal naturally.
  3. Skin cancers are the most deadly and serious types of skin disorders. There are three types of skin cancer – melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer that spreads very fast and attacks all layers of the skin. Melanoma can be found in moles, if there are changes in the moles. Basal cell cancer occurs on the upper or top most layer of the skin and characterized as flat, open sores or oozing moles that will not heal. The squamous cell carcinoma cancer affects the middle layers of the skin.
  4. Fungal infection like ringworm, athlete’s foot and candida can cause skin disorders. The symptoms of fungal skin disorders are itchiness and there is redness and flaking of skin. Fungal infections can be cured using over-the-counter fungicides.
  5. Birthmarks are abnormalities of the skin and can be considered as a disorder. Some people have large patches of discoloured skin called hemangiomas and have psychological effects on them. Birthmarks are harmless type of skin disorders.

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