Why St Mark James Training?

Candidates have the option of selecting from dozens of different first aid and CPR providers in Canada. However, over 99% of courses are completed through 4 major providers which include St Mark James, Canadian Ski Patrol, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and St. Johns Ambulance. We strongly recommend that candidates in Canada enroll in first aid and CPR courses with St Mark James for the following reasons.

Cheaper Courses:

St Mark James Training has the most affordable prices for its programs. Other providers, such as St. Johns Ambulance charge as must as 80% more for identical programs.

More Available Courses:

St Mark James Training is easily the most popular provider of first aid and CPR throughout the world and it has one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Unlike other providers St Mark James offers the most courses in sheer number throughout Canada. Candidates that do not have a flexible schedule may not be able to attend a course with other providers that do not offer as many courses such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

More Types of Courses:

Providers such as St. Johns Ambulance do not offer re-certification courses and the other providers do not offer child care specific courses. St Mark James offers re-certification courses and child care first aid and CPR courses.

Better Reading Material:

Providers such as the Canadian Ski Patrol offer flimsy reading packages but St Mark James offers detail course reading packages that make learning easier for candidates that prefer to read the material.

Advertised AED Certification:

Many employers and school administrators require candidates to receive advertised certification in the use of AED’s. St Mark James is the only provider that advertises on candidates certificate training in the use of AED’s.

Better Instructor Development Program:

St Mark James has a large and extensive instructor network that provides a lot of training and resources for St Mark James instructors. No other provider offers so much teaching material and information than St Mark James. This leads to a better level of teaching and puts St Mark James ahead of the rest.

More Flexible Re-Certification Standards:

No all providers offer re-certification courses and some provider require that candidates still be certified prior to attending a renewal course. St Mark James is the most flexible provider in terms of it re-certification policies.

St Mark James is easily the best provider of first aid and CPR courses and training in Canada. Register today and become a part of the chain of survival. Click here to view our training locations page.