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Headaches are a common occurrence among many people even as they go about their day to day duties. This is a condition where one gets to feel pain in his head. Headaches are the most common complains that people exhibit in terms of body pains. Most of the cases headaches are harmless and do go away in a couple of hours. These are caused by the strains that the body goes through. These kinds of headaches normally do not require one to seek any kind of treatments. However, there are headaches that are signs of underlying health problems and do need serious attention. This page will outline the causes, types and treatment of headaches.

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Causes of Headaches

Headache can appear as a result of a myriad of causes. Tension is a factor that has been known to cause headache. This is mostly as a result of the activities that one engages in. Headaches can be caused by physical, emotional and mental stresses. Stresses deprive the body of proper functionality therefore the brain will begin to lack some of the essential chemicals and oxygen for it to operate properly hence the developing headache. Other causes of headaches include:

  • Dehydration
  • Straining of the eye
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • Brain related like
  • Meningitis
  • Head injury
  • Tumors

Types of Headaches

There are varying degrees of different headaches. Hear are some of the more popular types:

Vascular Headaches

These are common in women. They are in the forms of migraines that also come with pain to the head, stomach upset as well as poor eye sight.

Muscular Headaches

This comes in the form of tension to the head, tightening of the muscles around the neck or face and radiation of the forehead.

Other types include cervicogenic headache and inflammatory headaches.

Treatment of Headaches

In most cases of headaches, simple over the counter painkillers are a good remedy. The most common medications are aspirin and parasitamol. If the headache caused by tension, one simply needs to lower the body temperature. This can be done by taking a shower or applying a cooling pad to the head. Recurrent headaches should be documented as they help determine the cause and how to manage them. Taking painkillers repeatedly will only cause the headache to reoccur. In these circumstances the individual should therefore seek proper medication that will help solve the problem p[permanently.

There is need to seek immediate medical attention when the headache comes with other symptoms that indicate underlying problems or stronger headaches. When there are signs of a fever or convulsions, the non-headache problem needs more attention which requires further medical attention.

When medication is sought the doctor may recommend a lifestyle change or a particular treatment that will ensure that there are no repeated headaches in the future. The over the counter medications are very effective, however users are warned against over use. They have the abilities to cause other problems to the body if the medication is misused.

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