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San Francisco CPR tops the list of quality CPR training providers in San Francisco, California. Our large variety of training courses are taught by certified training instructors, assuring you of the quality of the training you will receive. We also have re-certification classes if you wish to renew you training certificate. Re-certification is available for three of our training courses.

Learning CPR should be a part of everybody’s responsibility, not just healthcare workers. CPR has been proven to same lives and restore beating of the heart if done correctly and timely. Our training courses at San Francisco CPR will be able to train you to become the best CPR rescuer you can be. Visit our website and sign up for training today.

How do I sign up for training?

If you visit the San Francisco CPR website, you can find an online application form to fill up with your personal details and details regarding the course you want to take. Similarly, you can signu p for the training course you want over telephone or through e-mail. Our staff highly encourages you to enrol in person during normal business hours.

What about certification? How do I get certified?

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We award certificates once the student finishes the training program with complete attendance and a passing grade on exam. The exam is a practical and written test (except for the general public class where the certification exam is just a skills test). Once all of these requirements are completed, we award the student with training credential that is valid for two years.

If you want to renew your certificate, you can do so by signing up for a re-certification class. Only valid certificates can be renewed, not expired ones. So remember to renew before your certificate expires.

What programs are available to enrolment?

We offer a total of five training programs and three re-certification classes.

Basic Life Support training has three classes. The first two are basic CPR training classes, one for the general public and one for healthcare providers. These basic classes teach one-person CPR, defibrillation, and first aid. Students in the general public program are not required to take the certification exam and get certified. The third and last BLS program is Basic Life Support for HCPs. It teaches one and two-person rescue, the 2010 BLS guidelines, defibirllation, and first aid.

Advanced Life Support teaches the same basic interventions as BLS classes, with an addition of medical support found in a clinical or hospital setting. Medical support such as drug therapy, diagnostic examinations, and ventilatory support devices. We offer two ALS programs at San Francisco CPR, one for adult patients – ACLS – and one for pediatric patients -PALS. ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and PALS stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Here are the course lengths for each of the programs:

  • Heartsaver CPR – 4 hours
  • Heartsaver CPR (C) – 4.5 hours
  • Basic Life Support for HCPs – 4.5 hours
  • ACLS – 16 hours over 2 days
  • PALS – 14 hours over 2 days

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