First Aid Training Classes Locations

St Mark James is the world leader in first aid and CPR training and is easily the largest provider of St Mark James courses in Canada. Our training providers, located in most major municipalities in Canada, offer a range of St Mark James courses, renewals and private classes. Our providers are committed to offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, convenient training locations, simple registration processes, clean and comfortable classrooms and the lowest prices in Canada. To register for a course in your area select your location from the selection below or from the main or side menu. Training centers are conveniently located in Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, Edmonton, Surrey, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa and Saskatoon.

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first aid training room in Vancouver
First aid training room in Vancouver

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Online Enrollment

All of our St Mark James first aid providers offer customers the opportunity to book or schedule private St Mark James first aid and / or CPR courses. Private first aid and / or CPR courses can be booked for individuals, groups or for large business and corporations. Contact the local provider in your area by selecting your city from the selection above or from the main.

St Mark James Renewal Classes

Renewal / re-certification courses are also available for customers that need to renew St Mark James first aid and / or CPR awards that have expired or are about to expire. All of our training providers offer renewal courses for standard first aid and a range of CPR courses.. Some providers offer re-certification for childcare and / or emergency first aid. All refresher courses include certificates that state competency in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).

Lowest Rates in your Area

When signing up for St Mark James first aid and CPR training with one of our training partners customers can be certain that they are paying the lowest rates in the region. Our training partners strive to offer the lowest costs with no hidden or surprise fees along the way.

Great Instructors

Instructors are friendly, welcoming and eager to teach. Our training partners receive the highest customer satisfaction reviews pertaining the the knowledge level, patience and teach abilities of our St Mark James first aid trainers. Register today and become a vital component of the rescue chain. Learn the latest and most basic skills to help victims of accidents, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory emergencies and a number of other sudden medical emergencies. Register with the world leader in first aid, St Mark James. Your certificate will meet and exceed all of the workplace and academic requirements.