First Aid Training Classes in Thunder Bay

First Aid Training Classes in Thunder Bay
First Aid Training Classes in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay First Aid offers trainees a variety of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED) certification courses – all at the lowest rates in Thunder Bay. Trainees receive the latest first aid and CPR/AED training, will all courses taught by St Mark James certified instructors in high-end facilities throughout Thunder Bay. Because of easy enrolment, high-quality courses, and credible certification, Thunder Bay First Aid has risen to become the top training service provider in the area. Teachers are friendly, professional and make classes truly enjoyable. A variety of classes are available including standard, emergency and childcare first aid. Available CPR level’s that can be combined with first aid training or provided in a stand-alone format include level “HCP”, “C” and “A”. To enrol in first aid training classes in Thunder Bay, Ontario move to the bottom of this page to view the registration form.

Thunder Bay First Aid Contact Information

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About Thunder Bay First Aid

Thunder Bay First Aid is committed to ensuring the comfort of its trainees. Enrolment can be completed via the on-line application form below or e-mail. Telephone calls and walk-ins at the training centers are also encouraged by Thunder Bay First Aid’s welcoming staff.

Trainees will be introduced to Basic Life Guidelines (BLS) made by the American Heart Association to guide rescuers of victims of cardiac arrest. Once a person collapses, he is immediately suspected of having cardiac arrest, thereby activating the emergency response system of chest compressions and defibrillation.

Training course rates

Thunder Bay First Aid offers the lowest training rates in the Thunder Bay area. No other training service provider can compete with Thunder Bay First Aid rates. Rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, and St Mark James registration fees. You don’t have to worry about additional costs during training because manuals and equipment used are included in the initial enrolment fee. If a trainee chooses to drop out of a course, full refunds are provided as long as a 72-hour notice is given.

Exceptional Training Centers

Training and lecture room
Training and lecture room

Thunder Bay First Aid boasts the best training facilities in the area. The training centers are clean and well-maintained, with air-conditioned spacious rooms. Thunder Bay First Aid trainees use only the latest equipment in first aid training. The different training centers all over Thunder Bay are easily accessible by public and private transportation, and within walking distance The best learning experience for trainees is offered by Thunder Bay First Aid.

Best Instructors in Thunder Bay

Training courses are taught by St Mark James certified instructors who are the best in their given fields of expertise. The team of trainers at Thunder Bay First Aid are known to be friendly and accommodating, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

St Mark James Certification

All the trainees who successfully complete a training course will receive a St Mark James certificate for first aid, CPR, and AED training, valid for three years. Participants that have current awards can renew / refresh certification by attending a re-certification course.

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Did You Know?

The popularity of first aid courses has been steadily increasing over the years because of the growing health care provider market. The gradual increase in the occurrence of calamities have made it everybody’s duty to be knowledgeable and skilled in providing first aid. Simple emergency situations such as choking can lead to death because of lack of or improper action. The following video was sponsored by St. John Ambulance to raise awareness on the importance of first aid training.

For more information about breathing emergencies enrol in St Mark James first aid classes.