R. Issen

Raymond Issen is a register nurse specializing in the field of emergency care. With over more than 10 years of experience as an emergency nurse, he eagerly shares his knowledge and skills as a part-time contributor in online sources that offer a variety of health-related articles. The articles that Raymond Issen shares aims on providing awareness and know-how for individuals in all fields and walks of life. With an emphasis on first aid care, the articles are an ideal source of information on what to do ranging from basic to emergency care measures.

forearm muscle strain

Ways of treating a forearm muscle strain

Forearm muscle strain is partial or complete tear of the small fibers found in the muscles of the forearm. These tears are common since these fibers and muscles are in constant movement throughout the day and the weakest muscle is usually affected by the strain. The forearm muscle strain is graded into categories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCMiFvKDPTA Grade …

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Ingrown nail

Ingrown nail

An ingrown nail is due to the pressure from the growth¬†of the nail edge into the skin of the toe. When the edge of the nail cuts through the skin, it will result to inflammation. Initially, it will just cause minor discomfort and eventually progress into an infection involving the neighboring skin which is called …

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Ear wax removal

Ear wax removal

Ear wax is a naturally produced substance that functions in protecting the ears from bacteria and other elements and also as a lubricant for the ear and the ear canal. Excessive accumulation of earwax causes irritation, discomfort, dizziness, itching, full sensation and partial loss of hearing. Causes of ear wax Earwax causes irritation when there …

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