Infant neck rash

Infant neck rash

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Infants are more susceptible to skin problems such as rash which are red spots that can be seen in creases of the folds of skin usually in the neck area. These rashes are present until four months from birth. Since babies is not yet capable of lifting up their heads, the skin of the neck remains folded and cause the skin will rub against each other and eventually develop neck rash. Presence of moisture, heat and friction can also contribute to the rashes.


  • Babies are more susceptible to neck rash caused by moisture from sweat, drool and spit
  • Heat and humidity causes miliaria which are small red eruptions that causes itchiness.
  • Chubby babies are more susceptible to neck rash
  • The neck of babies are always moist and warm and a good place for yeast infections
  • Summer season causes the neck of babies to remain moist and wet
  • Some babies have red and pinkish spots found in the neck and back right from birth which is a collection of blood vessels that is inherited from the mother and eventually vanishes in a few months.
    Neck rash
    Summer season causes the neck of babies to remain moist and wet

Treatment of infant neck rash

  • First thing to perform is wash the affected area well with water and use a soft cloth to remove dirt from the area. Use mild baby soaps and avoid using harsh detergents.
  • Dry properly the neck area of the baby and other moisture-susceptible areas in the body.
  • Expose the area of the neck to air in order to prevent the development of rashes. Dry skin helps in eliminating moisture and for fast healing of the rashes.
  • Treat the baby in activities that make her/him stretch the neck such as playing with toys.
  • Apply moisturizers that contain olive oil.
  • Install a humidifier in order to make the room cooler as well as helps in preventing rashes.
  • Dress the baby using breathable clothing like cotton. Cotton shirts and diapers are best during summer season. Cotton is also hypoallergenic which helps prevent development of rashes.
  • Apply lotions and creams such as calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream in order to help lessen minor rashes and irritation on the skin.
  • Dust cornstarch on the neck of the baby or before taking the baby outdoor to play. Cornstarch helps in absorbing moisture from the skin and helps minimize itchiness and rashes.
  • Apply a cold compress on the rashes to help lessen inflammation and irritation due to rashes. Soak a face cloth in very cold water, wring out excess water, then apply the cloth in the area at least 5 to 10 minutes, then pat dry the area dry, then apply again the compress as needed.
  • Wrap some oatmeal in a clean washcloth, twist the end to close and seal the contents. Soak the washcloth filled with oatmeal in a basin filled with warm water until the cloth and are totally wet. Gently squeeze the water content of the soaked oatmeal on the rashes of the baby, then pat the area dry. Oatmeal helps relax the skin of the baby and has anti-inflammatory properties and helps treat the rashes.


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