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Is CPR And First Aid Training A One-Time Investment?

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CPR And First Aid TrainingFirst aid training is essential for everyone. Not only does it save lives, but it can also be the difference between a long time injury and a short term one. Hence, the two first aid training levels, emergency first aid training and standard first aid training are essential to people belonging to different facets of life. It not only offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation but also covers a huge range of injuries. That in itself should convince us of its benefits. CPR training (register here) on the other hand, should be as important to us as first aid training. Especially in households where children or old people are present as they are susceptible to injuries and medical conditions that may require immediate CPR. Also in workplaces, this training has been deemed to be necessary.

St Mark James:

St Mark James offers training sessions that almost everyone can take from any part of the US. It is not only of low cost but also boasts of special classes such as wilderness first aid, pet first aid (veterinary first aid), water safety, pediatric first aid and many more along with CPR training and traditional first aid training. The training is very comprehensive and thorough. They cover all aspects of requirements in emergencies and day to day injuries. Hence, for anyone in interested in learning first aid or CPR should definitely seek training from St Mark James.

Local hospital:

Many local hospitals offer training as well. These trainings are available for general public and of little cost. They cover all issues required in common situations and areas which are of interest to the general public. These trainings are thorough, and for locals who can avail take part in this training, don’t miss out this opportunity.


There are many colleges that offer first aid training as well as CPR training. Though they are not open to the general public, but as a course for students they can be very valuable.

Online Training:

A lot of hospitals and local colleges offer online first aid and CPR training as well. These programs are offered so that people who can’t get out of their homes have the option of taking this training online. This fact alone proves the utmost importance of such trainings.

Though you may not immediately get a chance to put your skills to use, but you’ll be happier knowing that if an accident befalls you or people close to you, you’ll know what to do. But you need to understand that in complicated situations this training urges you to call professional help, which in this case would be the paramedics. So don’t try to perform what you haven’t been taught, and leave the more severe cases in the hands of trained professionals.

One-tine investment?

No, this training is not a one-time investment, as every day along with technology, first aid and CPR training also changes techniques and standards (as set by ILCOR and the American Heart Association). Therefore, to stay current you need to find out the latest changes that have developed over time. Every two to three years get your certification course refreshed to keep your award current and your rescue techniques up to standard.

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