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Treating A Human Bite

Overview Of Human Bites

  • Generally takes place when one individual bites another or somebody comes in contact with another person’s teeth.
  • A human bite can be more fatal than an animal bite.
  • Human bites have a bigger risk of infection.
    A human bite can be more fatal than an animal bite

    A human bite can be more fatal than an animal bite

  • The risk is increased because of germs that are existing in the mouth.
  • The risk of damage to the ligaments and joints are also increased.
  • More common among kids.

Symptoms Of Humans Bites

  • This is caused by puncture wounds to the skin.
  • Human bites occur when the skin breaks.
  • The skin might appear to be cut.
  • Bleeding might occur if the teeth marks are deep.

Treatment For Human Bites

  • Make sure the casualty is calm.
  • If bleeding is not that serious, rinse the wound.
  • When rinsing the wound, use a mild soap.
  • Make sure you clean the wound with running water for about 3 minutes.
  • Place an antibiotic ointment on the bite.
  • Bandage the wound using a disinfected gauze.
  • If you notice that the bleeding is serious, apply some pressure to stop the bleeding.
  • Keep the injured area in an elevated position.
  • Get medical assistance.
  • A tetanus injection is advised to prevent infection and locked jaw.

Phone Your Doctor

All human bites must be examined by your doctor particularly in case of:

  • Skin is broken or cracked.
  • The skin turns red.
  • Inflammation of the skin.
  • Pain affecting the bitten area.
  • Discharge of pus from the skin.
  • If the bite is affecting the eye or anywhere on the face.
  • If the casualty has a frail immune system (particularly if they have cancer or AIDS).

Prevention Of Human Bites

  • Don’t place your hand near the mouth of a person who is having a seizure as this can lead to a severe bite.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t develop a biting habit.

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