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Flea Prevention Strategies At Home

Children are very prone to flea bites which cause them to develop itchy feelings and may even get sores because of the biting this is why you need to know various ways of flea prevention. There are many sources where fleas can come from, for example, pets or dirty carpets. Knowing how to prevent the fleas at home will go in a long way in preventing not only your children, but also yourself from the bites that can be dangerous especially to infants. To eradicate the fleas from the house, a multi front attack is required in every part of the house to have assured that you home is free of the insects. Below are some of the most effective flea prevention strategies you can use at home.

Common flea prevention methods

Treat your animal or pet

The war should start by treating your pet or any other animals that act as major source of fleas at home. Use the right products to the right animals, for example, never apply dog flea products on cats and vice versa because of their grooming habits. Ensure that you treat your pets after every three months.

Treat the bedding

Bedding also act as good habitats for fleas in many homes. As a flea prevention strategy, ensure that all beddings are treated with high quality powder or spray. If it is possible they need to be washed using hot water and good detergent. By doing this effectively, you will have dealt with the second most source of flea after the pets.

Move to the rest of the house

Now it is time to move to the other parts of the house. The most effective item to use is the flea bomb and treat each of your room at a time. Note that you will need to vacate your house with your pet for sometimes as you treat the house. Turn off air conditioner or furnace to ensure that the circulation of air is minimized to reduce the effects of the spray from the bombs.

Another flea prevention method is to use a flea killing carpet cleaner. All you need to do is to sprinkle it generously over all of your carpet. Use as much of the product as possible to ensure that there is total coverage of the whole carpet. Wait for the prescribed time according to the guidelines given and vacuum it up after the waiting period is over.

Even after you have done the entire work, it is good to note that fleas will always get a way back into your house. So, it is advisable to repeat the process after every two months.

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