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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Skeletal Injuries | 0 comments

Causes of shoulder pains

Shoulder pains occur around the shoulder joint which connects the upper arm to the chest and neck. Shoulder pains can be caused by several conditions, like straining of the muscles, ligaments and bones of the shoulder joints. Shoulder pains are common to athletes but there are conditions not related to physical activities that can also cause shoulder pains.

  1. Dislocation – the most common injuries to the shoulder joints. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket type joint. This type of joint allows more mobility but also susceptible to injury. If this joint is dislocated, the ball part and socket joint pops out of the socket, causing damage to the tissues and severe pain.
  2. Separation – another common shoulder injury that causes extreme pain. A rounded kind of object that hits the shoulder top like a soccer ball, baseball, and basketball may cause the ligaments to strain or break which is known as a separated shoulder. This normally heals by limiting the use of the shoulder joint. Any ordeal that happens that can break a bone in the shoulder area can also cause pain.
  3. Tendinitis – it is a condition in the body where the tendons becomes irritated and inflamed caused by rubbing and sometimes can result to severe pains. A small muscle in the shoulder called the rotator cuff helps the shoulder in rotating the arm inward and outward directions. The tendons of the rotator cuff can sometimes rub on the bones and can cause tendinitis. It can also cause a tear to the muscles of the rotator cuff.
  4. Strains – they are sometimes called muscle pulls. It occurs when the muscles are overstressed or overstretched, ending end partly or fully torn. You strain a muscle by lifting or pushing heavy objects. Overloading a muscle can also result in severe aches because the muscles struggle to rebuild themselves from tears caused by intense use.
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis – characterized as a painful inflammation of a joint. Joint pains in the shoulder caused by arthritis are very painful and can also cause other problems.
Shoulder pains

Put ice and heat alternately on the painful area.

First aid treatment for shoulder pains

  • Put ice and heat alternately on the painful area. This is an initial first aid measure that you have to perform.
  • If the pain starts to lessen, encourage individual to perform some exercises by stretching the arms. Make a 90 degree angle where your fingers are pointing up. Hold the elbow and push it towards the top of your head and try to get it as far up as possible. Repeat this procedure on the other shoulder. This exercise strengthens the area in order to promote healing and relieve pain.
  • Cross your arm across your chest and pull your elbow towards the opposite side. Repeat this on the other shoulder since this will stretch the shoulder blade.
  • Another exercise is sitting on a chair, and shrugs the shoulders towards your ears, and rolling them towards your back, then towards the ribs. Make these circles three times. This kind of exercise helps keep the shoulder joints together.
  • Every time you start an activity like playing games, do these stretching exercises to increase strength in the muscles that holds your shoulders.

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